Our Story as Vacation Home Owners in Orlando, Florida – Should You Buy a Vacation Rental near Disneyworld?

Michael Chen
Published on May 6, 2020

Our Story as Vacation Home Owners in Orlando, Florida – Should You Buy a Vacation Rental near Disneyworld?

How it all began…


A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….

It is a period of civil war. Rebel spaceships, striking from a hidden base…Oh no, wait a minute, different story…

Let’s try this again…

Once upon a time in a not so faraway land, there lived a mighty king and queen who spent most of their lives working very hard and were blessed with two beautiful children. One day, they decided to show their young prince and princess, the magical world of Walt Disney World. The moment they bravely rode all the exhilarating rides and ate enough cotton candy to last a lifetime, the young children said “Daddy, this is the best day ever!” At that moment, the king knew that this was the perfect home for many little princes and princesses from around the world. To make that dream come true, he bought a fairy tale vacation castle for all families to stay.

That is the moment our journey as property owners began. We wanted our own fairy tale castle, to spend many holidays at Disney World with our children. We saw the look of happiness in their eyes and knew that this is what we wanted to share with other families too.

In the beginning, we didn’t have any experience in the vacation rental business. We were real estate investors and property managers for many years in Portland, Oregon but this was the first time we fully invested in ourselves. All we had was a dream just like Cinderella when she wanted to go to the ball. In May 2017, only two months after a week-long holiday in Orlando, we took a leap of faith and bought our first vacation home in the prestigious Regal Palms Resort.

We chose this property because it was nothing short of magic. There were many family-friendly amenities such as the lazy river, pools for all ages, on-site restaurant, 24-hour gated security, and many more. After we bought the home, we turned into fairy godmothers and started the design and remodeling process. Our goal was to give our guests the “Best Day Ever” experience of a lifetime, and our motto became, “Don’t let the fun end at the parks.” The prince wanted a Star Wars room, and our princess asked for a Frozen theme. We accepted the challenge and rubbed the magic lamp to grant their wishes.


All our guests fell in love with our Star Wars and Frozen Castle at Regal Palms Resort (Click link to see virtual tour).  It was an instant hit that made our dreams even bigger. Then we realized that we needed a bigger castle. We bought a 6-bedroom family home with a private pool and backyard spa, in Windsor Palm Resort. We designed our popular Frozen and Star Wars rooms again. However, this time we had more space for a Superhero fun room with a large TV and a foosball table. The success of both homes gave us that familiar feeling once more.  We named our 2nd home, the Luxury Disney Dream Home.  (Click the link to see virtual tour).


In November 2018, we bought a smaller townhouse in Windsor Palms, as a cozy Mickey Mouse paradise. After all, Mickey belongs in Orlando. Along with the Star Wars room, we created two others, especially a royal master bedroom for other loving Kings and Queens like us. We used “The Incredibles” theme because “The family that fights together, stays together,” couldn’t be truer. We wanted this to represent strong family bonding, especially if families get into arguments.  Our 3rd home is called, Mickey’s Retreat.  (Click the link to see virtual tour).


The success and thrill of three marvelous properties carried us on Aladdin’s magic carpet to our 4th home in Regal Palms Resort. We chose this paradise again because of all the amenities that bring families together for endless fun. This time, the little princess said “LEGO,” and the prince asked for “The Avengers.” We quickly picked up our tools like Snow White’s Dwarves and got to work singing “Heigh-Ho.” This sensational castle had its grand opening on June 2019.  Our 4th home is called, The New Avengers Headquarters. (Click the link to see virtual tour).


Finally, we embarked on a whole new world on Emerald Island Resort. This 5th home became our first family one-level palace with a large pool and plenty of space for 9 people. The bigger the better, right? This home was not in the best condition, but neither was Cinderella’s pumpkin. We worked our fairy dust magic to transform this home with exquisite flooring, modern countertops, and other brand-new furnishings. We also added a superb game room. In July, the Mickey and the Avengers Universe at Emerald Island, was born filled with Star Wars, Avengers, The Incredibles, and Mickey Mouse designs.
(Click the link above to see virtual tour and our panoramic pics of the amazing game room and living room)


After buying five properties, we did realize it was a little crazy. But that is the power Disney has over us. Walt Disney inspired everyone around the world to dream. We did all this so that our family and yours, can always live in a fairy tale.

Looking to have the same journey as us?  Check out our vacation rental page here:  www.FunStayFlorida.com

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