Selling Your Orlando, FL Vacation Home? Here’s What the Right Agent Will Do for You

Michael Chen PA, Realtor at La Rosa Realty Celebration
Published on October 4, 2021

Selling Your Orlando, FL Vacation Home? Here’s What the Right Agent Will Do for You

When it comes to selling a vacation home, specifically, success hinges on the right real estate agent representing you. The reason being – vacation homes are an entirely different market than permanent residence. The way the homes are marketed differ, the attributes that make a home stand out are unique, and pricing isn’t the same as it is with a permanent residence. Purchasing a vacation home is an investment – something that an individual is likely doing with the intention of earning income. When you partner with an agent experienced in vacation rentals, you get much more than the average agent can provide you with. Here’s what the right real estate agent will do for vacation home sellers:

  1. Unparalleled Negotiation: The way of negotiating a vacation home is vastly different than a permanent residence. For many buyers, when it comes to a vacation home, it’s all about the investment, and that means the numbers matter tremendously. If your vacation home isn’t performing well, a typical agent isn’t going to be able to speak to why your home may still be a great purchase. As a vacation homeowner myself, I am well aware of the differences an operator has on the performance of a home, as well as the marketing. Those are two qualities that have nothing to do with your home, specifically, allowing me to negotiate a competitive price on your behalf – regardless of your home’s current performance.
  2. Ensure Maximum Offer Potential: Though many vacation home buyers are looking for a way to bring in additional revenue, not all buyers are the same – a mistake other vacation home agents can easily make. By narrowing the potential buyers to a very specific set of individuals, vacation home sellers could be missing out on very attractive offers. When we expand the type of potential buyers with a thorough pricing strategy, you can maximize the amount of offers you receive on your home – from investors to families looking for fun! When I work with my clients, I balance dozens of pricing variables such as comparative market analysis (CMA), like-inventory currently on the market or pending, previous rental history, future booking potential, home condition, and much more. By considering your home at every angle, we are able to gain the maximum amount of offers at an attractive price.
  3. Intentional Marketing: Not that traditional agents aren’t intentional with their marketing, but traditional home marketing won’t offer you a competitive advantage with your vacation home. When you deeply understand the industry, what buyers are looking for, and how they tend to operate, you are then able to market vacation homes to intentionally attract vacation home buyers. I help my clients market their home worldwide, which means highlighting the qualities of their home (and area) that are enticing to even individuals with minimal knowledge of the community. Additionally, I help clients market their homes to buyers that may never even step foot in their home before making an offer. That includes taking professional photos to emphasize the right qualities, clearly articulating the amenities and attractions around a home, and of course, maximizing the home’s exposure.
  4. Prioritization of the Right Improvements: Some homes require improvements before listing on the market in order to gain the offers and price point the home deserves. The improvements a home needs could actually vary location by location as inspectors have different regulations they are evaluating across the nation. As a local Orlando, FL real estate agent and vacation homeowner, I have experience with the types of improvements necessary to pass an inspection in the local area – meaning, no surprises for my clients once an offer has already been accepted.

As the owner and operator of six short-term rental properties in the Orlando community, I not only empathize with the needs of a vacation home seller, but I also deeply understand what vacation home buyers are looking for. Even more, I am well-versed in the local area, equipped with the answers to any and all questions sellers could have about local communities and the Orlando rental market. My unique background, paired with my real estate experience, allows me to help my clients earn top value for their home (with multiple offers to choose from). Looking forward to helping you achieve those same results!



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