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Published on August 6, 2022



You dedicated countless hours to researching and locating the vacation home of your dreams. You finally found the perfect match and decided to close the deal. Now you are the proud owner of a magical vacation home in close proximity to the birthplace of magic itself; Disney World. What is the next step after that? Your vacation home journey does not end after the purchase, it simply takes a new direction. To create, and maintain a property that will provide joy for generations to come, you need to make sure that it is; (1) designed and presented in a way that will increase its rentability and return on investment, and; (2) taken properly care of by trusted employees when you are not present yourself. Let us take a closer look at how you can successfully achieve these points!

  1. Presentability and marketing is key

First impressions are truly invaluable. Potential guests will judge your property in a matter of seconds, just by looking at your online listings. This means that, in order to increase your chances of getting a booking, you need to find ways to instantly grab their attention – and keep it.

A keen eye for details will get you a long way. Most people will be drawn to the visual content of your listing first, so make sure that each photo looks professional (we know that it can be tempting, but do not use cell phone photos), and that they illustrate all the unique features of your home. Showcase some nice furniture, your themed rooms, and activity- and outside areas. Do not forget to couple the visual elements with a compelling headline, and an informative and readable text.

A successful listing will enable the visitor to picture themselves on your property, enjoying a nice, relaxing, yet fun vacation with their family or friends. If what they are seeing is compelling enough, they are almost guaranteed to make a booking. A successful stay in your vacation home will in many instances also lead to a great review on your listing – which definitely will not hurt its presentability!

  • Make your space comfortable and fun

Before you start designing and decorating your home, think about what kind of atmosphere you want to create. Unlike a primary residence, a vacation home is mainly meant to exude adventure and joy. It is meant to be a place where all the worries from everyday life vanish; a place that people do not want to leave at the end of their vacation. Now, how exactly do you design such a fun and exciting space without having any dinosaurs in your home?

Photos from our trip to Dinosaur World in Plant City, FL – 2017

Let The Fun Begin!


Use your imagination and “Adventure is out there” –Up

You will always have the option to hire a professional interior designer, but if this is not really what you are after, that is fine too – it is definitely possible to incorporate some DIY. Pinterest, YouTube, magazines, and DIY blogs are the perfect tools to get you started. You can even create a mood board to discover your own, unique style and to guide you in the process. After you have planned out your color scheme, decided on some fun themes, and picked out your furniture, think about the functionality of the home. Try to envision how the space will be used, by all members of the family or friend group. Think about creating separate spaces for different activities, and how you can incorporate various elements to create a dynamic and fun environment. Remember that when you create with intent and passion, it will be visible to everyone who stays in your home, and they will most definitely adore it as much as you do!
If you want to take cues from me (I have successfully been in the business for many years, after all), I always strive to create homes with the mantra “don’t let the fun end at the parks” in mind. Disney is a magical place, and if you can replicate some of that magic in your own home, it will be appreciated by everyone who visits. To achieve this, I always build the rooms around a distinct theme – the New Avengers Headquarters is definitely a big hit! This has truly been one of my greatest strategies for ensuring continuous bookings at a higher rate.



  • Create an amazing on-the-ground team to service your home and your guests

Having the right team to operate your business while you are away is crucial. You are spoilt with options when it comes to management companies in Orlando, so you are certain to find a good fit with some thorough research. The team will be elemental for your success (remember that good reviews on your listing can generate more bookings), so treat this step with the same importance as the home itself. I know this because I was forced to change my management company after discovering the first one was not a good fit for me. I wish I had interviewed more companies earlier on in the process because the whole ordeal of changing management turned out to be both costly and damaging for my business. I do not want that for you, so I will leave you with some useful tips for securing the right company on the first try:

• Get owner recommendations. If someone else is happy with their company, you are more likely to be satisfied as well. Ask other homeowners, and schedule interviews with some of their suggestions to see if they are a good match.

• Go through the company’s reviews. This is the best way to know if they deliver on their promises. Ask for additional references through their Airbnb / VRBO profile links before you sign an agreement. Guests tend to be very honest in their feedback, so listen to what they say. If they are happy with the company, they will most likely express their gratitude in their reviews, and if they are not happy; then you know what to do!

Walt Disney inspired everyone around the world to dream. I have this wall in all my homes as a tribute to Walt Disney and also to remind me, “If You Can Dream It, You Can Do it”.

Hope you enjoy reading my blog post. My name is Mike Chen and I’m a real estate agent in the Orlando, FL area specializing in vacation, investment, and residential homes. I’m a huge Disney fan and I absolutely love this area. I would love to talk to you about what it would take to get you into a new home in this area. I look forward to speaking with you!

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