Sunbridge Homes For Sale. Will Sunbridge be the next Lake Nona? Everything you need to know about Sunbridge.

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Published on May 30, 2022

Sunbridge Homes For Sale. Will Sunbridge be the next Lake Nona? Everything you need to know about Sunbridge.

by Mike Chen, Your Sunbridge Realtor

Lake Nona is a region trendy for its community development, located in Orlando, Florida. The region is highly characterized by visionary sleek homes, hotels, and bungalows that mark today’s future. To the south of the Lake is Hip Boxi Park, known for its live music, volleyball courts, and food truck eateries. On its banks are The USTA National Campus, which is home to tennis events, and the Nona Adventure Park, famous for its family-focused fun activities. Lake Nona region gives a suburban feeling to its residents, making it among the best place to have a home in Florida.

However, the Sunbridge region is seeking to take up Lake Nona with 35,000 new homes, sprawling commercial, retail, and office space, and seating on over 26,000 acres. It is located in the Southern East region of Orland, just about two miles East of Lake Nona. This development will highly benefit the region by bringing in future development in housing, business, and economic growth. Population increase in Florida contributes to the increased urge for money-making sectors to settle in Central Florida. Such activities have attracted growth in the region, making Sunbridge the perfect location to begin the development changes.

Sunbridge Master Plan
Sunbridge Planned Development
Sunbridge Concept Plan 2


Sunbridge is previously known to be part of the Deseret Ranch. As such, it is predominant in farming and ranching activities. Sunbridge aims to maintain the same heritage by engaging with Orange and Osceola counties in the project that highly focuses on astute growth and habitat preservation. The project will be invested within 13,000 acres of land specifically reserved for water, renewable energy, and ecological conservation. As such, the new developments in Sunbridge will include interconnected hiking trails, nature adventure, and navigable waterways and lakes. These will give the residents a nature-based environment hence the nickname “Naturehood.” Sunbridge is currently taking shape in its developments, with various projects already finished!

Within the Sunbridge is a unique building famously known as the Base Camp, which serves as an information center. The building is designed to shed light on the project by giving a brief history of the region, its phasing, and the timing of each of the projects dedicated to the residential communities. This information is helpful if you want to have a clear understanding of the Sunbridge development plans and aims so as to make your decision.

Despite the low residential historical inventory, the new housing inventory coming online is very vital for the assurance of the success of Sunbridge and its adjacent regions. With the inventory, there are at least two neighborhoods that have been identified and are already underway. Del Webb is an Active Adult community that specifically accommodates individuals 55 years and above. The projected homes for this neighborhood are 1,200 homes. The neighborhood is filling up at a fast rate as it has become the destination for people wanting to enjoy life a little bit more. Currently, Del Webb has sold close to 230 homes! This resort-style gated community makes life easier for residents by providing a committed Lifestyle Director. Under a 27,000 square feet is a luxury center, Hammock Club, within the neighborhood. This place is characterized by the tavern, pickleball courts, fitness center, a juice bar, a pool, and so much more!

The second neighborhood is Weslyn Park, which is projected to have 600 homes. These homes will provide a variety of unique, trendy, and luxurious styles and sizes. Tavistock, the very professional and trusted builders from Lake Nona, will develop these homes, which are to be opened by this October. The neighborhood will be the first of its kind. It will be the first phase that will provide interconnected trails. The Weslyn Park in Sunbridge will provide elegant homes that will certainly make the first of the many planned communities.

The Marina Village is another projected phase in Sunbridge. This will be the largest development in the region and will cover close to 11,000 acres. The development of the marine village is projected to begin in 2024 under the best constructors in Central Florida, Tavistock. The region will have 16,540 homes, 3.2 million square feet of office space, 1,350 hotel rooms as well as 1.2 million square feet for a retail hub. In addition, a K-8 school will also be enacted with all the facilities that befit the new student lifestyle. In order to achieve all these, Sunbridge developers will have to address issues relating to housing, employment, and infrastructure in a 3-way approach.

Since this is a large project, there are proposed changes on how to extend Sunbridge, with some suggestions on its expansion towards the Nova Road. Due to the capacity, there is also a need to increase the capacity of water from the treatment plant. Sunbridge has adjusted its plans to accommodate the Marina Village to prepare for the projected demand properly. This region will increase water-sports activities for visitors and residents.

The increased development plans Sunbridge will greatly help in creating employment. The projects will see to the development of the region with new and advanced homes, hotels, schools, hospitals, and recreational facilities, among other resources. Sunbridge provides an opportunity for future developments in Central Florida. This assures continuous economic growth in Florida. Sunbridge will become the destination for many visitors who may become residents. Sunbridge, therefore, seeks to rewrite the history of Lake Nona, known for its diverse activities.

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