Buying a New Construction Home Without an Agent in Orlando is a Buyer’s Biggest Mistake

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Published on March 11, 2023

Buying a New Construction Home Without an Agent in Orlando is a Buyer’s Biggest Mistake

Like everywhere, Orlando is exploding with new construction homes, making it the ideal place for home buyers. While buying a home requires careful consideration, a family member’s or a friend’s perspective may not give you the confidence you need to purchase. In fact, assistance is crucial to avoid making costly mistakes or being surprised by unexpected costs when buying a new construction home.

A thoughtful and serious buying process that ends in total satisfaction is guaranteed if you are accompanied by a buyer’s agent, a reliable professional who can offer advice tailored to your specific objectives and circumstances.

Choosing a reliable buyer’s agent should be on your priority list to be accompanied by a professional from the beginning of the project until the day you move to your new home.

This article will take a closer look at the importance of hiring a buyer’s agent to buy a new construction home in Orlando and the costs of not doing so!

How to Avoid Mistakes When Buying a New Construction Home

Buying a New Construction Home Without an Agent in Orlando is a Buyer's Biggest Mistake
Buying a New Construction Home Without an Agent in Orlando is a Buyer’s Biggest Mistake
Let your agent help you throughout the construction process
Buying a New Construction Home Without an Agent in Orlando is a Buyer's Biggest Mistake
Buying a New Construction Home Without an Agent in Orlando is a Buyer’s Biggest Mistake
Pre-Drywall Walkthrough for my client

Hiring a buyer’s agent to purchase a new home is a smart decision and makes this overwhelming process smooth and stress-free. A reliable agent ensures to cover all the details and avoid any mistakes that can cost you.

Here are some tips to help you avoid some common mistakes most home buyers make:

1.      Accompany Yourself with a Buyer’s Agent on Your First Visit

Do not forget to bring your agent during your first visit to make it a meaningful and informational trip. It is something that builders and sales agents admire. Visiting new constructions with a buyer’s agent gives you credibility over a person who visits alone to see the home models. Both the builders and sales agent see you as a serious and qualified buyer who has hired an agent.

 Getting into a contract with an agent gets things straight and offers continuity to the process right from the start. You do not have to drive throughout the city to find a good new construction home for yourself. It is the agent’s job to explore the potential communities and bring you the most attractive offers according to your needs.

A dedicated agent will take the time to get to know you, your family, and your goals over several initial sessions and provide valuable market data to help you determine how much you should spend and the chances you can grab. Considering your needs, they gather data from builders, asking insightful questions about the property and its documentation.

There are a lot of details that even an experienced buyer can miss. A buyer’s agent ensures to cover all details and gather essential information, considering your concerns and needs. They will gather all the information required to make an offer beforehand and notify you, so you are well-informed during your first visit and prepared to negotiate well and finalize the purchase of your dream home.

2.      Let the Agent Negotiate for You

Another common mistake most buyers make is they try to negotiate with the builder themselves and, as a result, end up paying more for less. Buyer’s agents are well-versed and knowledgeable. They will negotiate a winning offer for you at the best price.

3.      A Buyer’s Agent is Your Constant Point of Contact with

You can buy a new construction home yourself, but it is rarely successful. One of the major reasons is that buyers alone can hardly tackle all the things involved in buying new construction homes. During the buying process, staying in constant contact with the builder is almost impossible. The involvement of a buyer’s agent allows you to have a point of contact who will constantly communicate with you and keep you updated.

4.      Do Not Sign Any Contract Without Your Buyer’s Agent

One of the biggest illusions buyers develop is that the agent is on their side. Remember that it is the builder agent’s job to sell the home, and for that, they will use every tactic to impress you. It’s not their job to disclose the negative points or explain the contract to you. They will represent their proposal as the best deal to convince you to sign the contract without realizing what’s in it. Despite having hired an agent, some buyers do this mistake.

A reliable buyer’s agent is aware of the contract terms and explains them to you. They inform you about the different options for holding your money, financial limitations, and appraisal issues. Such big deals are not made on assumptions. You need facts and figures to make a crystal-clear deal.

5.      A Buyer’s Agent Helps You Make an Unbiased Decision

As mentioned above, you’re the builder’s client, and their sales agent will try their best to convince you to sign the deal. Accompanying yourself with a buyer’s agent helps you make an unbiased decision, as they will show you other options too and inform you about the development. Making an informed decision is only possible with a buyer’s agent.

Using a Buyer’s Agent is a No Brainer

Aside from all the tasks a buyer’s agent does on your behalf and that well-informed, you are accompanied by a professional with years of real estate experience that works in your favor.

Keeping your needs at the forefront of their mind, a buyer’s agent digs the entire market, leaving no stone unturned and no option well-analyzed. Not to mention the cost of lost opportunity, which a knowledgeable buyer’s agent can protect you from.

So represent yourself with an experienced advocate who has the power to negotiate and who keeps your interests at the forefront and assists you in the due diligence process. Reach out to an experienced buyer’s agent and rest assured with the buying process of a new construction home.

If you want to buy a new construction home in Orlando, Florida, contact us. We are a reference name with years of experience in Orlando’s real estate sectors. Entrust your case to us for a stress-free and smooth buying process.

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Buying a New Construction Home Without an Agent in Orlando is a Buyer’s Biggest Mistake

Buying a New Home Without a Buyer’s Agent in Orlando is a Buyer’s Biggest Mistake

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